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  the new luxury...


Your traditions,                 

   patterns of life...


Who you are

   and how you live.




The experiences that  

    brought you here,


To this point in time.


What's behind you,

   what's in front of you...


Re-invented, and brought

   to life.....your style.



   the art of living your               life.”



What is style?


 It is ubiquitous; it has an undeniably pervasive effect on every aspect of human life. It’s the way one creatively crafts their life to bring them pleasure. It’s the combination and methodology of what we love that creates an aesthetically pleasing whole.


 Style is not design… and though a certain style can be appealing, it can also be poorly designed; neither does popularity indicate good design. Style is not inherently good or bad, whereas good design conforms to a set of universally accepted standards and principles that we all respond to when we experience them, even if we don’t know why.


  You may think you don’t have a style, but you do. You may not know it, but you feel it…maybe a yearning that tugs at you lightly, or it might be a burning deep inside you that you just can’t quench…can you sense it now? It’s the need and desire to express yourself.


  The best interior designers think in shapes, forms, colors, moods, and feelings; applying and integrating their expertise, experiences, and character to facilitate the creation and development of your style.


   It’s important to note that most all styles can be interpreted at many different price points and quality. However some are near impossible on the lower end of the spectrum due to their innate characteristics.


  On Style… "...careful thought and/or cash free the creative mind when it comes to your takes a focused approach if you really want to find your style. With so many options, and with the internet, unlimited ones, it's easy to get overwhelmed. As a result, too much of current interior design is based on appearances, style without substance, with little attention to the functionality of the design, spatial relations, and planning. A room is not a window display…it must live with us every day" -Patrick Landrum-


  And remember, if you love something it never is out of style…adding individual touches often involves breaking the rules, and adds personality and intrigue.


   I’m ready to get started on the path of discovering my own personal style and bringing it to life in my home or office!


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