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  the new luxury...


Your traditions,                 

   patterns of life...


Who you are

   and how you live.




The experiences that  

    brought you here,


To this point in time.


What's behind you,

   what's in front of you...


Re-invented, and brought

   to life.....your style.



   the art of living your               life.”



PL&D/Patrick Landrum Design is thrilled to introduce our exclusive new Boutique Interior Design Offerings in addition to our consummate Full Service, Full Spectrum Interior Design Experience.


Although I have always successfully offered these services in some form-- these new designations define each more clearly, and present them in easily understood and accessible packages.


While most luxury interior design firms only take on complete full service projects, I believe everyone can benefit from working with a professional interior designer whether for an hour, or over the lifetime of a home.


No intimidation, no commitments, other than mine to interpret your tastes, and help you discover your own style through my knowledge, resources, and experience.


With that in mind we are offering a limited number of prepaid packages each month of two ($750), four ($1500), six ($2250), ten ($3750), and twenty ($7000) hours in the following specific areas of expertise.



Specific questions in the here and now. This is where the client comes in with a set plan, design, selections, and ideas. We will review these together and discuss the pros and cons, whether there are better ideas and/or concepts, or selections etc. This can take place on the job site, or in the client's home, or remotely by email or phone.



Similar to consulting but focused on the ongoing and unfolding planning and design of a project, and helping you navigate the multiple layers and intricacies of an interior design project as well as offering guidance, suggestions, and limited sourcing.



True professional Do it Yourself (DIY) interior design advice offering you a structure to move forward with and plan your DIY project. This can include an outline of how to proceed on your project, resources to visit in person and/or online, pitfalls to avoid, and budget assistance.

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