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  the new luxury...


Your traditions,                 

   patterns of life...


Who you are

   and how you live.




The experiences that  

    brought you here,


To this point in time.


What's behind you,

   what's in front of you...


Re-invented, and brought

   to life.....your style.



   the art of living your               life.”



 Coming Soon the New Site for

Patrick Landrum Design!

Stay Tuned

Interior Design Projects for Completion

Prior to Holiday 2018

Limitations Apply Please Contact us for More Info

  • Design of entire spaces -Limited availability

  • Kitchen/bath updates-- including countertops, plumbing fixtures, paint, wallcovering, mirrors, light fixtures, cabinet updates, cabinet hardware, flooring

  • Window treatments

  • Reupholstery of existing furniture

  • Bedding, linen, pillows

  • Flooring and Rugs

  • Wallcovering

  • Painting

  • Lighting and Lamps

  • Accessories

  • Rugs Plants

  • Restyling of shelves

  • Redesign

  • Room Styling

  • Furniture layout changes-- improvement of functionality

  • Holiday Decorations

Keep up with the latest in Interior Design and Home Decor

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